Hey, I’m Juhi!

A lot of people struggle to pronounce my name, so don’t worry if you don’t know how to say it! It’s pronounced like jew-ee. 

Now the juicy (or should I say the jewee) stuff- I’m currently an undergraduate student at Northumbria University, where I have developed a love for sharing the importance of self-care, as it came to my attention that many of my peers are often stressed and overworked, all which can take a toll on their mental health.

Therefore, I decided to do something about helping my peers and created a society with the Student’s Union called the Self-Care Society. This was a fantastic research platform, as I could observe many various ways in which my society liked to self-care. Many which I will share with you all on this website.

Self-care is important for maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. We often refer to some self-care activities as hobbies. But self-care can be smaller than just a hobby. This can be sitting in a quiet and peaceful place or simply turning off your phone for a day. We often get confused that self-care is just a ‘luxury’ and it’s about spas, pampering, yoga etc. Although they are fantastic ways self-care activities, it may not be tailored to your self-care or financial needs. Just remember- what helps you to relax and unwind will be different from someone else, you are unique! You also don’t have to pay great sums of money to self-care, so don’t be fooled by this common misconception.

A little disclaimer, I’m no mental health expert and I have no health or fitness qualifications, but I’m a strong believer that self-care activities are a great way of maintaining your mental health.  Self-care is for everyone, so if you have thought of any other self-activities that I have not covered, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I would love to try it!

You may see a few blog posts from my mum, Rasheda, on here. My mum is an amazing woman who helped me to create this website and made me the person who I am today. I wouldn’t be able to share my tips with a greater audience than my peers at university without this platform, so thanks mum!

Hope you enjoy these self-care tips!

Best Wishes,