Quote of the Month

The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.

For many of us, August is a month where we have more time off from our commitments than any other month. As we have more spare time during this month, we find ourselves scrolling social media more often. However, social media has its ups and downs like everything in life.

Here, I’m focusing on social media. Especially Instagram because Instagram gives the illusion that we have a perfect life by showing only the highlights of our life. Though this is good to be used as motivation to improve ourselves, sometimes we can fall onto the wrong track. We end up comparing our current situation to someone on Instagram that we feel we know, from seeing all of the snippets of their life they post.  Most of the time we actually don’t intentionally compare ourselves to another person, it is the way our brain is trained, unfortunately. However, what we can do, is retrain our brain to change this outlook. Instead of comparing ourselves to someone else’s, we can focus on bettering who we were yesterday- making us the best version of ourselves.

A few tips to help you:

  • Reflect- look at how far you have come! Admire your progress and all the obstacles you have gotten through.
  • Appreciate- focus on what you have and not what you don’t have.
  • Use yesterday as a target to help you maintain the path you’re taking or to change direction.
  • Focus on your actions and not someone else’s.
  • Spend time learning, whether that’s reading books, researching, or listening to podcasts, absolutely anything that will make you learn something new.
  • Cut back on the time used on social media, there are now locks you can put on your phone to help you limit your social media scrolling if you find it difficult to discipline yourself.
  • Most importantly, self care time- try to devote an hour of your day focusing on you and only you. It’s important to your personal growth and wellbeing!

With small changes made every day over a consistent period of time, you will start seeing a difference. Trust the process, you’ve got this!

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