It’s peri nice chicken!

Nando’s is definitely in my top 5 favourite places to eat! It’s definitely one of the places I have visited one too many times since the easing of lockdown restrictions.

However, a few things have changed at Nando’s since re-opening…

On a good, but slightly bad note. If you’re like me and you fancy a cheeky Nandos spontaneously, you may not be impressed. Nandos ask you to book a table by visiting your chosen Nando’s and scan in that restaurant’s particular QR code. This is an issue if you’re starving and you’ve travelled a long way to get some peri peri chicken, to then find out that you may have to wait over an hour for a table, especially if it’s a Nando’s where there is nothing else in that area to kill time. You’d think you would be able to book via phone at least, cmon Nando’s! I do think it is a really cool idea though and very technical (which I love- I love all things technology), just needs a tiny bit more work, so people can scan the code on the way to the restaurant instead of having to go there to find out you’re waiting at least an hour.

On a very good note, my usual chicken thighs order is still a STRONG 10/10. The staff are really brilliant too with the new sit-at-your-table situation. If you haven’t been to Nando’s before lockdown, you usually go up to the counter to order your food, but now you’re asked to scan the QR code on your table to order food. (Great, if your lazy like me, so I ain’t complaining!) Though I love the idea and technology, you’re in a tricky situation if your phone is dead, or you cannot get service to connect your data or WiFi. I’ve not been in this dilemma yet, but I’m sure Nando’s would have a solution to this though- but heads up to anyone on low battery.

One thing I must mention though is that you no longer get bottle of sauces and you get packets instead. There are no extra hot sachets though, so be prepared my chilli hacker readers.  However, I’m glad Nando’s have found a COVID friendly option to sauces though- like can you imagine going to Nando’s without the sauce!?

Also shoutout to the wonderful service I’ve had in a few Nando’s in the Newcastle area! The staff have been amazing! I usually get gelado with my brownie for dessert (yup- I get dessert at Nando’s. Honestly coconut gelado and salted caramel brownie from Nando’s is one of the best I’ve ever had and that means something, as I never really get dessert when I eat out).  Unfortunately, there was no gelado on the online menu or ice cream and I really wanted to fulfill my Nando’s dessert craving that I’ve had since March *insert puppy dog eyes*.

I spoke to a lovely man and asked if they had anything to go with the brownie and he managed to get some ice cream for me even though it wasn’t on the menu and it was free of charge! Thank you so much, what amazing customer service! The food and the experience I get from here, is one of the reasons why I will always continue to go to Nando’s.

Nando’s you will always have my heart.


From the 7665479 times I’ve been to Nando’s lately, I keep forgetting to get a good picture of it for the blog, so here are a few from my personal Instagram! I’m sorry they are not as aesthetically pleasing as I would have liked them to be!

Eating out and self care

Eating out ticks a lot of my self-care boxes! 

1. Ready, set, go!
There is always something fun about getting ready to go to a restaurant- with the music on blast, deliberating endlessly over outfits, and taking several photos. It just gets you right in the mood to eat some food. I believe that when you feel great, you look great and that’s what makes the food taste even greater. So, get your best pair of shoes on!

 2. No dishes are my wishes
Making food at home is great as you can adjust the food to how you like it, but once you’re in a food coma, the stack of dishes in the kitchen is the last thing you want to do- especially when you don’t have a dishwasher! It’s one of the best feelings coming home from eating out to a clean house and ready to starfish the bed.

3. Social Butterfly
I find it so interesting going to restaurants with other people because it’s crazy what you can learn about your friends. You find out that your friend who’s been dieting for 6 months has broken it, you find out that another dislikes something controversial like potatoes (the best foods are made from potatoes; chips, crisps, mash, jacket potatoes, roasties, how can you not love them). Then, there is always the one who you find out that can’t handle spicy food. If you want to get to know your friends more, I definitely recommend eating out.

4. Most importantly, the FOOD!
The greatest thing about the whole eating out process is the food. The food is perfect, from the flavour combinations to the temperature of everything on your plate and it’s such a great way to try something new. The fantastic thing about it all is that I somehow manage to create some more stomach room for all three courses, ten sides, and about a trillion cocktails! I don’t know how science works for that one but I’m not complaining!

I have included a link to a few of my favourite places to eat out (Aveika, Chiquito & Ozone ) Let me know if you would like me to do a blog on all my favourite food places. 

AveikaChiquitoOzone Restaurant

Great British Cupcakery

What’s your food relationship?

Food and selfcare… how many time have you heard ‘you are what you eat’.

What I have realised more than ever before… Covid19 lockdown has made me reflect on myself and that includes my relationship with food. I’ve realised it plays a big role in my life, on my social life, my emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

What we eat, how we eat, where we eat, alone or with someone… has something to say about the person we are.

I love food and my relationship with it is fun, healthy and sometimes indulgent without any guilt (that’s my food personality). It’s a relationship thing… do what makes you happy and doesn’t damage your mind, body or spirit; everything in moderation.

What is your relationship with food. Has it changed over time? What is your food personality? We would love to hear your thoughts… why not leave a few comments below.