October 2020 Quote of the month

Quote of the Month

“Be proud of yourself, you’re doing your best.”

Times are complicated right now, especially at Northumbria University. We’ve had a delay in timetables, some of us have had the wrong timetables and some of us don’t even have timetables due to the cyber-attack in September. Then we’re trying to adapt to a new COVID-friendly environment with digital learning. That’s a lot for anyone and that’s not even everything. I understand that some of us are struggling with making friends, mental health, physical health, homesickness, financials etc.

So, I just want you to know you’re not alone and we are all in this together- WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER! You should be proud of yourself, you’re doing your best and your best is all you can do, so don’t put pressure on yourself. One day we will look back at these difficulties in awe and think how did we get through it! We will be passing these stories onto our children, grandchildren etc. A story that will inspire generations for years!




Mindfulness is closely interlinked with mental health. It’s about bringing your thoughts and feelings to the present. Mindful activities can be so simple from sitting in a quiet and peaceful place to orgainsing your week to help you de-stress or practicing mediation.

We all deal with stress at some point in our life, whether it is work-related, socially related, or personally related. It’s normal and it happens- but like they say you need a bit of rain and sun to make a rainbow, so don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Here, my mum and I will discuss the ways which have helped us to maintain our mental health. We will share tips we’ve tried that didn’t work for us and tips that we can’t live without.

Just remember, we are all unique and some mindful activities may work more for others. So focus on finding what helps you to keep you present. This may take some trial and error, so don’t give up, you’ve got this!

Best Wishes,

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty is a big part of our lives and covers so many different aspects of it. For instance showering, bathing, fragrances, pampering, skincare, haircare, daily vitamins and so much more!

It’s so important because it impacts us physically and psychologically. When we’re physically happy with ourselves, we become more psychologically happy and vice versa. Though health and beauty may be a daily routine that you follow to just be clean, it can also be a form of relaxation.

Here, I hope to make brushing your teeth feel less of a chore and be the reason why you want to get out of bed in the morning. Or make your bath times feel like a day at the spa. Just remember health and beauty is personal, you don’t need to follow a skincare routine if it’s not for you. Some of us prefer to just shower and brush our teeth, then spend our time with other self-care methods like cooking. Whatever you do in your health and beauty regime, I hope you find something here to make you enjoy it more!

I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve learned and tried with health and beauty because boy it has been a journey (which is still ongoing). It’s been such a big part of my life and an area in which I do have some expertise as I used to be a Beauty Advisor for make-up. My mum and auntie have always been a big fan of health and beauty too, so you may see a few posts from them too!

Best Wishes,