Housewarming Parties

So most recently me and my boyfriend had got an apartment together, which of course meant it had to be ‘broken’ into twice (that’s how it works, right? One party per tenant).

One thing which worked great for both parties was having a get-together at our apartment, then going out to a bar.

Having people round for the first half meant that we could all talk to each other freely and it was an easy way to just break the ice to start the night right! Another plus meant that we all saved a lot more money and even taught ourselves a few cocktail tricks and recipes. My lovely and very generous friend had bought me this cocktail mixer from Amazon and damnnnnnnnnn… is it absouletly brilliant, can’t believe I’ve lived my life without one! This was a lot of fun and something you can’t really do at a bar.

I’ve always liked to have people at mine or another friend’s house before going anywhere, I just feel it’s a whole different dynamic. It’s definitely more chilled and if people are running late it’s okay because we’re not at the bar yet. Alternatively, people can still be apart of the home shenanigans whilst getting ready at mine. It’s also a great opportunity to take plenty of photos while we’re all looking freeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

My top tip for hosting a gathering at your own house:

  • Have plastic/paper cups- no glasses to be smashed and no washing to do!
  • Make room in the fridge- no one likes a warm drink, right?
  • Prepare some ice, especially if you’re going to be making cocktails!
  • Have plenty of kitchen roll or tea towels ready for those clumsy ones
  • Have a playlist ready, you don’t want to spend time choosing a song. You want to relax and let your pre-made playlist do the work for you.
  • MOST IMPORTANT TIP– drink markers! My friend had bought these funny ones. With what is going in the world currently, it’s really important that you know which drink is yours, so getting drink markers will help you to identify which is yours.

Though it was nice to stay, a change of scenery was just as great too. (Great for me because it meant less cleaning to do when I get back!) It refreshes the night out, keeps it exciting, and adds more entertainment. We went to Stack and it is such a vibe! With it being outside with plenty of outdoor heaters, it was easier to socially distant and still have fun! I really do love the vibe here, just the drinks are a tad expensive so definitely fill up before you leave your house!


**This happened before local lockdown restrictions in the North East of England, please adhere to the current rules in your local area**