Cinema Chillout

Short and sweet first entertainment blog!

COVID19 lockdown has really made me miss the cinemas! It is definitely one of my favourite ways to self-care.

So you may ask how does it fall under self-care?

Well, like mediation and yoga, being at the cinema allows you to focus on the present because you’re forced to turn off your phone, not talk and watch the screen with your favourite snacks (I love cinema nachos and tango ice blasts yum). Giving undivided attention to the film helps us to focus and relax the rest of our brain. I feel that nowadays, it’s really hard to stay away from your phone, with social media FOMO and most things becoming virtual as a result of COVID. So whenever we’re forced to turn off our phone, we should make the  most out of it.

For me, when life pressures start to build up, I find that going to the cinema helps me to disconnect with reality temporarily and enter the cinematic world. It allows me to re-charge, as I no longer need to think about work, money, or stressing if that important email sent on time. All the stress and anxiety of life’s pressures are gone temporarily. A vital and well-needed boost to help me deal with the pressures of life calmly after the film.

What have you missed the most about the cinemas? Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know.


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