Don’t go chasing waterfalls- let’s go walking waterfalls

Let me guess I got you singing TLC waterfalls in your head right now because it’s definitely in mine after reading the title.

Anyways, we’re not here to talk about R&B, though you all know it is my favourite genre of music- just thought It’d be rude not to give it a cheeky reference! (Head over to my music tab if you wanna talk all about those sweet rhythm and blues though).

What we are really here to talk about, is going on a walk to a waterfall! I say specifically waterfalls because I was watching Down to Earth on Netflix and Zac Efron (major eye candy and fantastic series) told a really interesting fact that got me researching. Zac said that ‘water in motion (waterfalls) produce negative ions, which is known to relieve stress, tension, fight depression and increase energy. In short, all these negative ions are creating very positive vibes.’ This is TRUE! These positive vibes increase our serotonin levels (the happy chemicals in our brain) which make us happier and invigorated. Aside from all these fancy scientific words, when we see something that we perceive as beautiful like nature and waterfalls, we tend to be generally happier due to the aesthetic qualities too. How great does a walk to a waterfall sound, right? We haven’t even discussed the physical benefits of taking a walk yet either!

In terms of the physical benefits of walking- you’ve probably heard them all before, it helps with blood circulation, strengthening your muscles, ease joint pain, lower blood pressure and weight loss. In fact, did you know you can burn from a range of 100-300 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your walking pace? A walk by the waterfall is what I would now I like to label as a WWW- a walking waterfall WINNER! (Yup, you heard this here first).

For me, besides all these amazing facts, just being physically present at a waterfall is so relaxing. I love just sitting by the side hearing the force of the water go by. The air feels so crisp and clean to breathe. I could literally sit by a waterfall for hours. Honestly, I think walking to a waterfall is possibly one of my favourite self care activities. It just ticks so many boxes all at once. Even if you’re a social person, you could easily gather your friends to go on a walk together to a waterfall. Or if you’re a foodie, make yourself a picnic and enjoy it by the pleasant surroundings. There’s a multiple of ways to tick a looooooot of self care boxes here!

If you’re looking for a great waterfall to go to, here is an amazing one that I just visited a few days ago in County Durham. This is a picture of Low Force Waterfall below I took myself. There is another bigger waterfall about a half an hour walk from it too called High Force, which has the most volume of water going through an unbroken drop in England. However, I actually ended on top of the waterfall instead at the bottom, so I couldn’t get a great photo.

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