Is an electric toothbrush worth the money?

Oh my… how have I only just started using an electric brush?!

My teeth not only look good, they feel fantastic! I used to think electric toothbrushes were just a way of getting us all to waste away our money but honestly, it’s a teeth investment. The adverts are right- they feel like they’ve been cleaned by the dentist.

Most recently I’ve bought the Oral B electric toothbrush with the CrossAction head. (If you are reading this when this post was made and love a bargain, you NEED to get yourself straight onto Amazon, or if you can’t wait Tesco and Superdrugs are doing it half-price too!) I don’t think I would have bought one full price as I didn’t understand the hype of them at first. So if you are feeling like what I was, definitely get them whilst they are a lot cheaper than usual.

So why is it so good?  The CrossAction brush is so so so GOOD if you have small gaps or triangles in between your teeth because let’s be honest a manual toothbrush can’t get in there. The brush almost acts as an electric floss and brush all in one. It also buffs your teeth giving it a little sparkle to your smile. Another thing which I love about it is the small round head. I feel it catches every angle of each tooth and it reaches the back of my mouth a lot more comfortably.

So yeah- that is why I love an electric toothbrush, I’m sure there are more reasons why to love it on their marketing, but those are my reasons! I don’t think I will ever go back to a manual toothbrush again. I honestly look forward to brushing my teeth in the morning and before going to bed now, I’m not even joking!

Let me know whether an electric toothbrush as changed the game for you in the comments below!#

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