Listening to music helps to reduce stress

The power of music

The effect of music is truly tremendous, as it helps to relax our minds and our body. In fact, many scientific studies have shown that music helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s also a great way of aiding meditation, as it helps to sustain focus.

It’s important to note that it can be any genre of music, but psychologists do recommend a slower tempo song or classical music.  I’ve tried classical music but personally, it’s not for me. I enjoy a smooth RnB love songs. I love to belt out the song while imagining rain falling on me- in true classic RnB style like the gif below.

The reason why I love 90s and 00s RnB is because I feel that I can feel the emotions in the voice of the artist, so I get really really into it. Another bonus is that scientific research has shown that singing is a natural antidepressant too. This means that singing can release feelings into the mind that helps with anxiety and stress, this is known as endorphins. This may be the reason why I prefer RnB songs over the recommended classical music to relax.

Let me know if classical music helps you or another genre. I’ve linked one of my smooth playlists below from Spotify if you fancy an RnB sing along.

In short- you can listen to any genre of music that helps you to relax, don’t feel obliged to listen to classical music if it isn’t for you.  Just remember we’re all different, so don’t worry if your choice of relaxation music is different from someone else. 

Another reason why I love music is that I can listen to it on the way to work or on the way back home, at the gym, in the bath, whilst cooking- basically, I listen to music a lot in my day. My favourite time is to listen to music in the bath or shower and sing from the top of my lungs! If you have a busy lifestyle, I definitely recommend incorporating music within an activity or method of transport. It’s such a quick mood booster with a song being roughly 2 to 3 mins- you’ve got no excuse to not take 3 mins of your day to self-care!!

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