Meditation and Self-care

Let’s begin with an explanation and introduction of what mediation is and its benefits… as well as a bit about my own meditation journey.

Life can be so busy for everyone, rushing around from the moment we get up to before we go to sleep (or crash in our beds). We’re busy, busy, busy doing things… working, talking, learning, watching, cooking, shopping… just doing something all the time.  This can sometimes tire us out, sometimes give us feelings of overwhelm, create anxiety, stress, and even bring about a lot of other non self-caring feelings and thoughts about ourselves and others.

A busy mind can bring havoc to our thoughts, affect our physical health and our emotions. So we need to calm our mind by training it to be present, aware of the here and now.

Before I took up mediation I was rushing around all the time and going to bed stressed and exhausted. One of my friends saw how I was rushing around all the time and suggested meditation to me. I did it on and off over a few years, sometimes think what’s the point but always ended up coming back to it… eventually I started noticing the benefits… stuck at it and now it is part of my life. It is part of my morning routine and boy has it changed my life… better relationships, less stress, more calm, more focused, and able to get things done better and more quickly. It was difficult to stick to at first and I kept falling off the ‘mediation wagon’. But now I love it and enjoy it… it’s part of my ‘me time’ my treat away from the world and the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

What is meditation?

Meditation is something anyone can do and it’s about taking some time-out for you, where you learn to relax; calm your body and mind. Training your mind to be present in a clear and calm way. It calms our minds.

As we go about our everyday life our mind is busy thinking all the time, thinking of the about the past, thinking of what to do now, what to next, what to do in the future, sometimes worrying, fantasising, imagining, remembering things, people, actions, fretting worrying, planning daydreaming… just busy thinking sometimes without us even realising it is happening to us. We can even get addicted to thinking, even when we think we’re not thinking, we usually are. For example, when listening to a friend, watching TV, Youtube, or even when reading this blog…, we are thinking and our is often wandering. Meditation helps calm this down, it brings us to the present moment in a clear way and gives us the help we need to be calmer and kinder to ourselves… and others

There are lots of different ways to meditation, super short mediations to long ones, mindful meditations, non-guided to guided mediations around specific areas you want help with. There are lots of different ones and we will cover some of these in our blogs.


Mediation and Self-care

By taking time out to meditate we are making time to take care of our mind. If we take time out to look after ourselves and feel better about ourselves, we will be able to help others from a better place. As they say when in an airplane ‘put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others’… and that is what you are doing when you meditate.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been known to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase calmness and clarity, and promote happiness. From my own experience, I would say this is so true. When I first began it was something I did on and off but now I do it every morning and on the odd days when I don’t do it, I find my day to more chaotic and busy than usual.

It is now part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth, I meditate every morning.


Here’s a quick mediation video for you to try… that I listened to in the early days by Goodful on youtube: