Organise your stress

When we’re stressed it’s so easy to say that we don’t have enough time to organise our days.

What I’ve found is that when our commitments are piled high, we tend to say that we don’t have enough time to organise social events with friends, get enough sleep, stay active and plan self-care activities.

However, we do enough time. We spend our time stressing about not having enough time to meet our commitments and trying to remember key dates like birthdays and deadlines when instead we should take note of these things, by writing it into a planner or onto your phone calendar. So, instead of using our time to vent out stress, we can make it productive and resolve the issues that are causing our stress.

Being able to see what is going on in your head will take the added stress away and help you to focus on what is in front of you… and that’s not it! It will also help you plan around your day and allocate time to certain commitments. You also can change your routine habits to make time, for instance changing your shopping from 6pm to 2pm when there’s no peak time traffic and therefore you save more time.

Just think- the more time you save, the more time you can allocate to the things you enjoy or self care. Taking thirty minutes to self-care isn’t even a tenth of your day. So don’t feel guilty if you start the next episode or read the next chapter. You deserve to make yourself a priority.

We are all unique, so find the organisation strategy that works for you. My favourite is having a big calendar and being able to see what dates I’m available from an overall perspective, but I also like to have a personal diary of where I write times and details specifically for each day. I feel this works the best for me because I can plan months in advance and I can also stay ahead of the current day. I like this old school method because It’s the one time I try to write neatly, so I look forward to it!

However, some people prefer online calendars, as everything is all in one place and you still can plan daily, monthly, or even yearly. It’s also great if you’re constantly on the move. There are also other methods such as colour coding organizing, filing methods, journal writing, planners. Whatever will help you orgainse consistently is the route you should take to orgainse your stress.

Let me know what organisational strategy you use, I would love to try it and share it with others.

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