Our Society

You’re probably wondering what do I mean about our society? Well, let me tell you in a nutshell what this means.

This website evolved from a society at my University. Being a student myself, stressed, feeling overworked, and overwhelmed was something commonly felt by myself and others. In that mix, there was also the anxiety of meeting new people, talking out loud in seminars, giving presentations, and a whole bunch of other things! University was a great leap into the adulting world and developing myself.  However, for some people they struggled to overcome this, this is why I created a society at Northumbria University called the Self-Care Society.

In this society, we plan lots of self-care events like Hotpod yoga, trampolining, games nights, basically every self-care activity you can name! This is because we aim to help a wide range of students destress and meet new people in a comfortable stress-free environment. We also plan fundraiser events for charity, to help those who don’t have opportunities like these.

Last year we planned a Self-Care Challenge. This was a monthly challenge in March, where students had to complete self-care events in exchange for a small donation. Though we were cut short due to COVID19 lockdown, we still managed to raise £306.19 for YoungMinds in a week!

We’re so excited to start the second year of this society and hopefully finish the challenge that we started! I’ll be blogging a lot here of what we get up to with photos from events, the committee, the society, and of course alllllll of that wonderful juicy stuff in between!

Here’s the link if you’re interested to join! https://www.mynsu.co.uk/getinvolved/society/11737/ We welcome everyone! Students from Northumbria University should pay for standard membership and anyone who is not a student from Northumbria should pay for the associate membership.


Best Wishes,