Pets- the best self care for the busiest person

Let me guess, you’ve had to read that title twice. Well, let me explain this to you in scenarios.

Scenario 1– Coming in from a very long day, you open the front door to hear your pet running to come and greet you. What a wonderful feeling- I guarantee you have a smile on your face thinking about this right now! Next, you know, you’re stroking, kissing, cuddling your pet. There you go- straight from walking into the front door, you’ve practised self-care. Quick and simple, right? That quick moment in time you were present and you didn’t think about yesterday, tomorrow or today’s stresses.

Scenario 2– So much to do today that you have to eat your dinner by the computer… but you still got your dog to feed and take care of. This requires you to go to the kitchen and sort their food out, which means, of course, you have time to sort yourself a proper meal or sit in a different environment other than by your desk. This will help you to refresh. Then you have to take the dog out for a walk, which then means you have to go out too. A walk helps you to relieve stress, reduce fatigue, anxiety and it overall boosts your mood. Basically– what I’m saying, is that if you’re always hard on yourself and you feel that any time you are away from the desk is time wasted, having a pet will make you feel less guilty about it. A pet routine also makes you realise that you have to take care of yourself too. Pets are a great way of keeping you on track even when you don’t feel it.

Pets have so many benefits to human health, this is just a few of them! I’ll be posting more pet benefits to my blog, so keep an eye out!



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