Quote of the Month

‘Great things never come from comfort zones.’

September- the start of a new academic year for many of us. Whether you’re going back to school or the parent preparing their children to go back or just a university student like myself going back to university for the third year or even just someone who wants to start something new this month like a personal goal or diet.

I think you all get the gist now? This quote applies to every single one of us. *YES EVERYONE*- you heard absolutely right.

We avoid getting out of our comfort zone because of fear- we’re scared we will fail, we will get hurt, or we won’t like it. Whatever the reason is, fear is something that limits our beliefs. What we have to do, is look past the scary thoughts and all the things holding us back because that one change could be the one that changes you to be the best version of yourself or ultimately change your life.

Getting out of your comfort zone you can prove that YOU are capable of doing anything YOU wish to. It also improves so many important skills like resilience, self-confidence, creativity, but most importantly I can guarantee that you will learn something new and even see a different perspective to life that you hadn’t seen before.

Sometimes, we don’t like to get out of our comfort zone because we’re happy with what we have settled with. I understand this and it’s great to be content with where you’re at, but sometimes it’s worth trying something out of your comfort zone to prove to yourself that you are still more than capable to achieve anything you want. Even if you go back to what you have settled with, you don’t have to think of the ‘what ifs’ or ‘could have beens’ because you tried and you should be proud of that. You don’t have to live your life in regret, wishing if you did things differently.

So to sum it up on a very carpe diem finish- live your life and take those risks, it’ll be worth it!

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