Friends, family and furry fluffy cute animals are all things which we love! Socialising is a method of self-care we use nearly every day without realising it. It is an important part of our lives because humans are made to have social interaction, as it strengths our mental health.

Friends and family are great when you need someone to talk to when you’re feeling inspired or when you need to reduce stress or basically anything in the world.  Additionally, pets and animals have shown to offer great companionship and help with reducing anxiety and the feeling of loneliness. So you may read a few stories from the most mischievous cats, known as Gus and Seb. Oh and the Kim Kardashian of the dog world, Zara.

Anyways- here, I’ll give you some tips on how to arrange and maximise the most out of social activities (don’t be fooled though, you don’t need to be a socialite to do social things). I’ll also talk about the more fragile parts like friendship fall-outs, break-ups, and bereavements. We all go through this so let’s talk about it, they are difficult conversations to have but we’ve got you!

Best Wishes,