Ta-dah Lists

Are you too hard on yourself? Do you feel unsatisfied that you didn’t get everything done today that you wanted to?

It’s a common feeling and we all do this. We compare our day to the one yesterday or to someone else’s but every day is a different day and we are different from one another.

To get past this feeling, make yourself a ta-dah list. This is a list that can be noted on scrap paper or your diary, journal, or phone notes. On this list, write down everything that you have done today from what you would even consider being small, such as getting out of bed, making breakfast, hoovering. Then list your occupational tasks, like meeting with the director, a presentation with team etc. Before you know it the list will be down to your feet.

Just before tucking up into bed read your list and be proud of what you have achieved today. This list will be a lot bigger than you expected and I hope it motivates you to continue making these lists to get the best out your day.

Even if you didn’t get anything done today, do not feel guilty. This is a sign that your body is telling you to rest because if you don’t give yourself a rest your body will do that for you. Remember you are your own investment, when you invest time in yourself to rest and self-care you will feel good and when you feel good you will become more productive.

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