Thanks COVID, I’ve now learned to do my own gel nails!

Before COVID, I was obsessed with getting my nails done. I literally got a fresh set of acrylics every month, though it made my life a little harder when it came to things like opening a can of pop, it was all worth the struggle for gorgeous nails!

When lockdown happened, I had to learn how to do my nails. I tried the classic nail polish and billion-hour wait to dry routine first and… that lasted a week or so. My nails were just chipping constantly, especially working in a high pressured supermarket job at the time. I found my self painting my nails every night to fix the chips, it was driving me crazy!

I thought to myself, well how about I get a gel nail kit. I was looking constantly for a kit, but many had rocketed in price or sold out- I’m guessing a lot of us had the same brain wave. But, by pure luck, I managed to get a hold of one that was reduced to clear because of damaged packaging in Tesco! *hallelujah* I suppose the saying: ‘good things come to those who wait’ was really on my side that day.

The nail kit I got was the Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit . This kit had everything and more, I was over the moon! There was a file, buffer, cuticle stick, cleanser, lint wipes, primer, and LED lamp included! Most of the kits I had been looking for online, only provided a colour polish and top & base coat, so I was really grateful to find this little gem in the supermarket. Though the lamp is smaller than what you would expect in the salon, it still provides the exact same quality. It also made me wonder why the salon gel machines are so big, the small one provided in the starter kit works just as well! The instructions to the kit are really clear for new beginners too. So if you are looking for a gel kit to start with, I highly recommend Sensationail!

After a while, I had got sick of wearing the same colour, especially since coral didn’t go with everything. So I thought I would invest in something more natural. This is where I discovered the easiest eveeeeeeeeeer french manicure gel set! It was also Sensationail too since I felt that they were reliable, but what was so fantastic about his kit was that you didn’t have to paint the white tip of the french manicure yourself. The kit provided white stickers that you could stick onto your nail and buffer to your preferred length. This was the best hack I had seen! Especially when it came to painting your nails with the less dominant hand (my left hand). After you had stuck them on and buffered it, you add a layer of topcoat, then cure it. *Ta-daaaah* the easiest, quickest, cheapest frenchie you will have ever had! Here’s the link for the french manicure kit,, or if you just want the magical white strips

Truth be told since the salons have opened, I have gotten acrylics done since I love the extra length, but instead of getting colour at the salon, I now go home to paint them myself with my gel kit. It saves me at least £5 and I can pop on as many coats I like! I absolutely love it.

Let me know if how you got through your COVID nail journey in the comments below or if you do get this nail kit! I would love to hear.


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