Why I choose skipping over running or going for a walk

Who said skipping is just for children?

Skipping or jumping rope- whatever you choose to call it is the BEST mind declutterer.

skipping rope, jumping ropeThough going for a walk or run is still great, it’s so easy to think about things that happened yesterday or things that are going to happen in the future. Whereas skipping requires you to be present at all times so you can focus on jumping the rope at the same time. The moment you slip out the present you’re left with a sting from the slap of the rope. So if you’re feeling that you can’t focus clearly today or your mind keeps wandering, I definitely recommend go and grabbing a rope for ten minutes- you won’t regret it!

It’s so fantastic because you don’t need to go to a park or the gym or even leave your home. You can skip indoors or in your garden, it’s so convenient! Even skipping for ten minutes helps me to focus, so it’s very time efficient and very fun! Skipping has so many health benefits too. It’s amazing for those who want to lose weight, it tones the upper and lower body, it helps to improve heart rate and it great for practising coordination and balance. And with any fitness, it’s great for our mental health due to the endorphins released in our brain.

You can purchase skipping ropes almost everywhere for a couple of quid! Just make sure you get one that fits for you. To check if you have the right length put one foot on the skipping rope and see if it reaches your armpits. If it does then hurray you have the perfect skipping rope size for you!

If you haven’t skipped for a while don’t worry if you can’t skip for 30 seconds without a break. Give yourself some time practising and getting used to the rope and I promise you that it will come with time. You will absolutely love it and definitely see a change in your physical and mental health sooner than you know it.


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